Medically Oriented Gym

A new option for a new life.

At some point we have all thought about eating better, exercising more, and working towards a healthier lifestyle, but many of us don't know where to begin. Traditional gyms are great for working out on your own, but what if you need more guidance? What if you have an old injury and are worried about aggravating it? What if your doctor wants you to lower your cholesterol? This is where the Medically Oriented Gym (M.O.G.) Bridges the Gap. The M.O.G is specifically designed to help by working closely with your physician and offering the kind of medical support that enables members to integrate healthy, smart decisions and actions into their everyday lives. The M.O.G. offers personalized training plans, on-site physical therapists, a certified exercise physiologist and nutrition coaching. The M.O.G. at Independence Physical Therapy is the perfect combination of functional training equipment and medically trained staff.

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